The Easter Rising was significant moment in Irish history that would eventually lead to events that brought about the formation of the Irish State. I created this artwork to present all those who were directly affected by the events of the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin City. It consists of a wide range of diverse groups that made up the brigades and factions of the Irish Volunteers, the Irish Citizens Army, and Cumann na mBan, as well as those involved in the British administration such as the Dublin Metropolitan Police, and the various Irish regiments of the British Army that found themselves stationed back in Ireland from the Great War during that time, many of whom were in Irish regiments and so primarily Irish themselves. But also amidst the badges are the civilians of Dublin, the business owners, families and children of the inner city who suffered most casualties and whose lives were most deeply affected by those events. 
Giclée archival prints available €70 (40 x 50cm)
 Giclée archival prints available €70 (40 x 50cm)
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