Christmas on RTÉ ONE

An animated paper craft based approach to RTÉ ONE's Christmas season channel identity. It features a broad range of illustrative dioramas depicting Christmas scenes of urban and rural life in Ireland. The various paper elements in the scenes were designed with the channel brand blue and white colour palette and carefully lit so that lighting and depth allowed for the richness in tonal variations. The scenes were constructed like stages, photographed and animated using in-camera stop motion effects.

The rostrum set up
Each frame of the bird sequence cut out.
That's me setting up the scene on rostrum table. Lights. Camera. ANIMATION!
Animation & Direction: Alan Dunne
Paper cutting: Alan Dunne & Gareth Teggin
Rostrum Camera: Lorraine Sherry
Music: Christoffer Franzen
Software: Dragonframe & After Effects
RTÉ Graphic Design Department.
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